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How big is a pallet?

A UK pallet (often called a Standard pallet) is 120x100x16cm high. A Euro pallet is 120x80x16 cm high. Pallets often come in different sizes though as some will be custom made for the goods that they carry and there is no maximum or minimum size.

How tall can my pallet be?

Although there is no maximum height it’s best not to load you pallet taller than 220cm if possible as anything under this height will fit onto most commercial vehicles. If your pallet is taller than 220cm it will restrict what vehicles it can be loaded onto and may be more costly to transport.

Sending my pallet to a rural property in Europe. What do I need to consider?

Be aware that bigger vehicles will need good access roads. If you are sending heavy goods like stone or tiles you will need a vehicle with a tail lift to deliver (unless you happen to have a fork lift available). It is always best to give your hauiler a local telephone number as drivers often wont call a UK mobile phone due to the costs.

Q1 What does pallet “parameter” mean?

All dimensions and weight within a single pallet. The maximum pallet base dimensions are 120cms x 100cms, the maximum height of the pallet selected includes the pallet height as well so measure from the floor. Quarter 60cms Half 100cms and Full 200cms the maximum weight of the each pallet is 250kgs for a quarter pallet, 500kgs for a half pallet and 1000kgs for a full pallet. If there is lifting equipment at both collection and delivery addresses then for a full pallet you may go up to 1200kgs.


Q2 What happens if my goods exceed the “parameter” of a pallet?

If your goods overhang or the pallet exceed the base parameter by one way this will be an oversize pallet up to 240x100cms or 200x120cms (2 pallet spaces) if you exceed the pallet base dimensions by both ways this will also be an oversize pallet up to 240x200cms (4 pallet spaces) the maximum parameter in length that the network can accept is 300x120cms (3 pallet spaces). The maximum weight of any single pallet even if oversized is 1200kgs.


Q2a Can I send an engine or gearbox?

You can but you must order on our sister website www.ukenginedelivery.co.uk


Q3 What if collected or delivered the pallet is larger or heavier than what is ordered?

When you click the submit button you agreed to our disclaimers, terms and conditions and accept liability for any further charges applied. Failure to disclose the correct pallet size will result you being charged the correct amount and must be paid on receipt of invoice.


Q4 Can I send hazardous goods?

You can but you must order on our sister website www.ukenginedelivery.co.uk


Q5 Can I send fluids?

As a general rule if the fluids are in a sealed container and not dangerous or a toxic substance, then yes we can. It is always wise to check with us first before ordering.


Q6 Is a pallet supplied if requested?

You may ask for a Pallet or Pallet and wrap in the collection notes, there is an additional charge for this service and has to be confirmed by the collecting depot on request. If accepted a payment link will be sent for you to order. We can offer this on Economy service only. You are responsible loading the pallet.


Q7 Does my item need to be on a pallet?

Your item needs to be safely secured to a pallet prior collection unless you have requested a pallet or Pallet and Wrap.


Q8 I don’t know the weight of my goods?

If you don’t know the exact weight don’t worry as most people don’t, try to be as close to what you may think it is, try not to under or over exaggerate as this may cause your or someone else’s pallet to be missed as a result, the carrier is limited legally to what he can carry.


Q9 What is a hard standing?

Your pallet must be accessible and the driver must be able to pull or push the pallet to his tail lift to load. The surface needs to be concrete, tarmac, brickweave or slabs for example. Think to yourself “would you be able to move a pallet and its weight” on soil, loose shingle or turf?


Q10 Do your lorries come with a forklift truck?

No, if you have requested a tail lift then it will have a pallet truck (hand pump truck) on board.


Q11 What size are your lorries?

Normally 16 -18 tonne rigids with curtain sides and a (tail lift if requested). If you have restricted access and you need a smaller vehicle such as 7.5 tonne or transit size you must inform us, please note, this request may delay your collection or delivery if a vehicle is not available on that day.


Q12 When will I get confirmation of my pallet order?

Transferring data is not automated as we have to check your order before transferring to the carrier. If you order between (A)11.15am to (B)11.14am the following day you will normally receive confirmation with labels by (B)midday Monday to Friday.


Q13 Do I need to check my order when I receive confirmation?

We recommend you check your confirmation, we are all human and even we can make a mistake and please check your labels.


Q14 Do I have to have an account or a business to use your services?

No, anyone whether residential or business can use our service without an account at any time, however if you frequently send pallets and wish to open and use the business account facility you will need to submit the business enquiry form and a credit form will be sent to you to fill in for our commercial department to give authorisation and set up.


Q15 I have noticed that I have given or you have transferred some incorrect details.

If this happens please contact us as soon as possible, when you create an order you it will generate an order id, date-time-random 6 digits ie: ddmmyy-hhmm-123456, the 6 random digits will be your PAL consignment reference. Please use this number for all correspondence preferably by email to info@ukpallet.co.uk.


Q16 My card payment has been rejected or declined.

If this happens we will notify you by email the reason why and will offer to send you a merchant payment link for your attention. You may also contact us to make payment over the phone using our virtual terminal. Your order will not be processed until we receive payment confirmation.


Q17 When will my order be collected?

Anytime Monday to Friday from 08:00am to 18:00pm unless special arrangements have been agreed. There are no collections at weekends. We cannot offer timed or AM collections. Standard next day service is collected on the following day of order unless the Same Day collection is ticked and paid for, cut off time is 11:15am.


Q18 When will my order be delivered?

Any time Monday to Friday between 08.00am to 18.00pm unless AM, Timed or Saturday options have been selected and paid for.


Q19 May I contact the Carrier or their Depot?

No, only under special circumstances with permission granted by us.


Q20 Can I track my order?

Tracking is available on our homepage and available once it has been scanned in at the collection depot.


Q21 Does anyone have to be present for collection or delivery?

Yes, but if you are not going to present you must give us permission to collect or leave the goods. The carrier is only responsible for your goods whilst it is in their care. Failure to do this will result in a failed collection or failed delivery charge. If you are the recipient or 3rd party making the order, it is your responsibility to inform the sender.


Q22 Will the driver take the pallet into my property or help to offload?

The service offered is door to door on the ground floor and the driver is not obligated to help offload or take it into your property and is down to the drivers discretion.


Q23 Should I check my goods when delivered?

We recommend you do, if there is any damage you must notify the driver and do not sign the POD “proof of delivery” as received in good condition as this may invalidate any claim. You are entitled to refuse your goods, if damaged always try to take a photo and report to us asap. There are time limits to report a claim, please read our T&Cs.


Q24 How do I make a claim against damage or loss of goods?

It is important that damaged or lost goods are reported to us by 17:30 the following day of the delivery. We will send you a claim form and must be replied and within 7 days of receipt. Contact us via email info@ukpallet.co.uk and we will transfer details to the carrier. It is forbidden to contact the carrier or their insurers directly.


Q25 Are my goods insured?

Your goods are insured against loss or damage caused by the carrier at £5.00 per kilo up to a maximum £5000 per tonne / pallet. The carriers insurers may require proof of weight, cost, salvage or repair values in the event of a claim. We as a 3rd party company are not liable for any loss or damage and act as an agent for claims to be processed and regulated by the carriers insurers.


Q26 My goods are high value, can I have enhanced insurance cover?

Yes you can, the carrier offers up to £25 per kg to a maximum of £25000 per tonne / pallet. You will need to contact us before making your order as amendments cannot be made once manifested.


Q27 How long does a claim take to process?

The simple answer is “how long is a piece of string” there are a lot of insurance scams being made and the carriers insurers have seen them all, as long as you send all the information that they require truthfully and promptly enabling ease of their investigation it should be a matter of a few weeks. Delay is caused by discrepancies and fraudulent claims and may take months to settle and a rarity but may even be rejected.


Q28 I made the order and I am the recipient, how does the sender receive the labels?

We will reply to the email address given, when you receive the labels please forward them to the senders email address. If you wish for us to send the labels direct please supply their email address in the collection notes. If this is not possible then ask the sender to write the delivery address to identify and attach to the pallet.


Q29 Can I get an ETA (earliest time of arrival)?

We do not have direct contact with the driver so it makes it difficult for us to get an ETA without going through several departments so please avoid asking this unless it is essential.


Q30 How long does an economy delivery take?

An economy delivery is normally scheduled 2 working days after collection but in some remote areas and where a ferry is used this may not be possible and can take a further 1-3 days to arrive, for example Ireland 3 days, Highlands up to 5 days and may be subject to crossing and weather conditions.


Q31 Is my pallet “guaranteed” to be collected or delivered on time?

The carriers aim it to reach it’s target to deliver and collect as requested but cannot control traffic, congestion, accidents, breakdowns, roadworks, weather, loading and off loading conditions, also legal driver man hours are just a few things that can go wrong but under normal circumstances running smoothly they do attempt to guarantee your request.


Q32 Will I be contacted before collection or delivery?

Drivers are not obligated to make contact before collection or delivery but for example, they may try if you live in a remote area. They also don’t want a wasted journey that could cost valuable time and money and may request aborting if there is no answer, therefore it is essential that we are given correct telephone numbers and also to avoid attempted or re-collection / delivery charges. If you are not going to be there contact us in good time to relay the message. If it’s loaded it takes up space for another pallet that could be collected or delivered.


Q33 I will need to be contacted before collection or delivery as I won’t be there and cannot leave the pallet safely outside or with a neighbour.

Add this request in the collection or delivery notes and please state how long you need the call prior to collection or delivery. Please note this may delay collection or delivery if contact has not been made. It is essential we are given the correct contact details.


Q34 What does “Book in” mean for a delivery?

The depot (not the driver en-route) will call to confirm and discuss when the recipient requires delivery prior to the pallet being loaded. Please note: this may delay the delivery if contact has not been made. We cannot offer this service for next day orders.


Q35 Can I make an order over the phone?

We do not encourage this as it takes at least 20 minutes to relay and edit the form and we will only do it under exceptional circumstances. Please avoid this service in the mornings whilst we are inputting online orders to the carrier.


Q36 What can I do if I don’t want to make an online payment?

You may contact us by phone where we can take your card details if you wish and use our virtual terminal.


Q37 I need to chat or talk to someone.

We have a live online chat during office hours which is always manned and will answer as soon as we can. If your enquiry is not urgent and you wish to talk to one of our staff we encourage you to call us in the afternoons after 13.30.


Q38 Can I cancel my order?

You may cancel your order anytime but there are 3 stages for any surcharge that may apply

1a Cancel before we have manifested, no charge

2a Cancel after we have manifested and sent you confirmation, 10% admin charge

3a Cancel after the carrier has left the depot to collect, 10% plus carriers collection charge


Q39 I am third party making the order.

It is essential that you contact the sender and confirm you have been given the correct pallet dimensions and weight, confirm the item/s is secured to a pallet and ensure someone will be in for the collection. You will need to contact the recipient and confirm that someone will be available to sign for the consignment. If you have been given incorrect details and the pallet exceeds the parameters or attempted collection or delivery is made you are liable for any further charges.


Q40 I am the Recipient making the order.

It is essential that you contact the sender and confirm you have been given the correct pallet dimensions and weight, confirm the item/s is secured to a pallet and ensure someone will be in for the collection.


Q41 What are your office hours?

We are open from 8.30 to 13.00 and 13.30 to 17.00 Monday to Friday.


Q42 Cancellations and Refund Policy

Please note that any refund offered will always be returned to the card that was used to make the initial payment.

  • Cancellation notified to us via email by 17:00hrs, the working day prior to collection.If you no longer require the pallet collection and delivery service and need to cancel, a refund will be offered minus our 10% administration charge if you advise us via email by 17:00hrs the night before collection is due.
  • Cancellation notified to us via email after 17:00hrs the working day before collection.If we are notified of cancellation after 17:00hrs the night before collection is due, then the refund you receive will be minus the collection charge for your area, and a 10% administration charge.
  • Items Damaged or LostPlease kindly note that no refund can be offered in the unfortunate circumstance that any goods are damaged or lost. In this instance the RHA conditions must be followed in order to initiate a claim with our carriers, and we are not able to refund you for the collection or delivery service.


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