Oversized Pallet

If your shipment is overweight/oversized it may be delayed, returned to you or you may have to collect the shipment from the courier’s local collection/delivery depot. 2.3 Surcharges, fees or invoices for overweight or oversized shipments will be issued within 90 days of collection

oversized pallet dimensions

What is an oversized pallet?

An oversized pallet is a pallet outside the dimensions of a standard pallet. An oversized pallet can be up to 1.6 x 1.0 metres. We can handle much larger pallets and pieces of freight but please call sales to discuss your needs. The same maximum weight of 1250 kgs still applies.

Whether you’re sending a small pallet delivery, an oversized pallet, require urgent next day delivery, or ultra-cheap economy delivery, ParcelCompare® freight services can meet your delivery needs. So if you’ve had enough of constantly chasing quotes, dealing with failed collections and deliveries, and managing.

In some circumstances, items being carried may be larger in size than the pallet itself.  Should you have a particularly big item, you can book extra space to accommodate this. Only one pallet can be lifted for transportation but you can book space on the lorry for the width of two pallets.  Customers should note that while the size may be greater, the maximum weight limit of 1000kg is still in effect.